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Couldn’t live without: Colours
Chosen Superpower: Healing powers
Why volunteer with Activate? Activate enabled me to fulfil a dream: to be the change I wanted to see in this world. One of our duties to the Earth is to plant trees, and I volunteer for Activate to make it happen and offer that gift to others.
Best part of Activate? To be in the middle of the field, look ahead, see nothing as far as the horizon, but to know that after an Activate Festival, it will be bush. And then, what is magic is to hear the drums… to the music plays and to turn around, and see dozens of other tree planters, of all ages and of all walks of life, putting thousands seedlings in the ground. Nothing beats that feeling of communion with nature and fellow humans.

Director / Chair


Couldn’t live without: Nature, family, friends.
Chosen Superpower: Wisdom of an old growth tree.
Why volunteer with Activate? Passion for repairing ecosystems and connecting communities.
Best part of Activate? Hands in the dirt!


Couldn't live without: Trees and Music

Superpower: Flight, so I wouldn't be terrified of heights anymore, can travel anywhere in the world and hang out in the tree canopies.

Why volunteer with Activate?: It's an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the world while connecting with like-minded people who share a commitment to caring for our planet.


Couldn’t live without: Flowers.
Chosen Superpower: Ability to slow down time.
Why volunteer with Activate? To help inspire and introduce more people to tree planting and see for themselves what has happened to the Wheatbelt.
Best part of Activate? Seeing such a wonderfully diverse group of people coming together to achieve our tree planting goals while dancing and smiling.



Couldn’t live without: Getting out in the bush touching the earth, the rivers, the trees and breathing the forest air.
Chosen Superpower: To stay peaceful and positive no matter what!
Why volunteer with Activate? It gives me an opportunity to do something positive for our environment and our community. It has connected me to some of the most wonderful people I now know and love. Working with the farmers and seeing the connection with us city folk is such a gift.
Best part of Activate? Coming back to the farms and seeing the trees we have planted over the years and seeing the farmers commitment to planting more and more.


Couldn't live without: Water.
Chosen super power: Being able to fly and sprinkle magic stardust that makes greedy people into caring, loving environmentalists.
Why volunteer with Activate? For many years I dreamt about combining music and tree planting. I’m so happy I discovered Activate. We are planting seeds in the hearts of people participating, it creates a belief we can do things together and make a positive change.
Best part about Activate? I love seeing people of all ages together having the best time and doing something good for our environment. I believe we can grow, create a movement and plant millions of trees in the coming years. ACTIVATE is the best concept ever!



Couldn’t live without: Trees.
Chosen Superpower: To speak every language.
Why volunteer with Activate? The people.
Best part of Activate? The people.



Couldn’t live without: Faith in humankind.
Chosen Superpower: Flying. Basic, I know.
Why volunteer with Activate? Once you’ve experienced an Activate, it won’t let you go.
Best part of Activate? The way that absolutely everybody is accepted for who they are and empowered to grow, take flight, and take responsibility for healing these beautiful lands.


Couldn't live without:
my glasses
Chosen superpower: flight. So I could visit all my loved ones carbon free 😉 fueled along the way by nectar and freshwater.
Best part of Activate? Enhancing hope, and the connection between roots, feet, and song in the field.


Can't live without: Music
Chosen superpower: Make plant and tree grow faster and strong!
Why volunteer with Activate? Its good for the soul and great fun.
Best part of Activate? Do a whole weekend! Plant with friends and new friends. Then get a great meal together and celebrate around a fire!!


Couldn’t live without: my family.
Chosen Superpower: To bring more happiness and kindness to the world.
Why volunteer with Activate? To help save the earth one tree at a time.
Best part of Activate? It gives me the chance to care and heal Nyoongar country.


Couldn’t live without:
Chosen Superpower:
Limitless breakfast food
Why volunteer with Activate? The people who come to Activate are wonderful. It’s truly a community. Welcoming from the first moments.
Best part of Activate?
Having a beautiful purpose of planting trees brings people together like nothing else.


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