Activate Saplings

Hey there!

Activate Saplings is the youth division of Activate Tree Planting.

Our core crew is a bunch of twenty-somethings who are totally sold on the Activate festival model and its mission and values. Guided by the Activate Tree Planting leaders and elders, the Saplings are learning the ropes of organising Activate festivals.

Our aim is to involve and inspire young people just like us with the Activate mission and vision – to plant seeds of hope for our future through a festival of celebration and connection to local places.

It’s no secret that the world we see around us is in trouble – this is the world we will inherit. Like so many people, young and old, we want to pass on something loving and sustainable to future generations.

We need a lot of energy for that! We find the energy of Activate festivals has the power to really shift people into gear. Activate gets us thinking about our interconnectedness, and most importantly, gets us doing something real for the lands that are our home.

When tree-planting, food, music, dancing and people come together in a spirit of creating rather than consuming, it empowers us to do more for the world we know is possible.

In 2022, we organised and held our first Activate festival in Wandering. Together, we planted 20,000 seedlings as our muso friends weaved their music into the landscape. In 2023, we are creating another festival to plant 36,000 seedlings at Nomans Lake.

There are so many ordinary, talented and beautiful young people with gifts of music, artistry, hospitality, knowledge, and passion for change. Come and join us!

Activate Saplings is so thankful to our Activate mentors for their investment of time, energy and wisdom as we go on this journey together.

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