Our Story

Activate Tree Planting host annual tree-planting music festivals run by volunteers, uniting the love of our earth with music, art, healthy food, indigenous culture, community and great fun.

We plant trees in an effort to revegetate and repair the widespread degradation of WA’s peri-urban and regional landscapes. We dance and sing while we do it.

Government regulations during Australia’s early colonial era saw the Wheatbelt region experience the clearing of critical bush land for farming practices. This mass destruction of the regions natural habitat has caused many serious environmental issues including salinity, erosion of soil, loss of habitat and of native species.

Every year, Activate Tree Planting hosts up to 3 tree planting festivals in rural areas, planting tens of thousands of native trees, bush and understorey, each winter while showcasing local musical talents and building strong community.

These events are family friendly and encourage people to get back in touch with nature, form life long friendships, have a good dance, and most importantly help our planet.

For more than twenty years, Activate has been revegetating the Western Australian Wheatbelt with a team of hard working volunteers from diverse backgrounds, our mobile DJ truck, and the help of local farmers, grants and sponsorships.

All fuelled by nourishing organic wholefood from our volunteer Kitchen Witches. Activate Tree Planting gets back in touch with Mother Nature through the spirit of celebration and the physical planting of trees. We repair our environment whilst meeting new friends and experiencing one of the rawest, connected and meaningful West Australian Bush festivals.

Our Mission

To host unique, sustainable tree planting festivals that combine music, art, food and community together in an effort for ecological harmony.

Our Values

Integrity – Respect – Sustainability – Enjoyment – Community – Education – Inclusiveness – Creativity

Our Vision

Planting seeds of hope and inspiration in the hearts of future generations and empowering them to change the world.

Our Story

Since November 2021, Activate Tree Planting Limited (ATP) is established as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and registered as a charity under the Australian Charity and Non-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).

Activate Tree Planting acknowledges and is grateful for the role that Perth City Farm, Trillion Trees Australia and Avongro Inc. have played in auspicing the project over the years since its inception in 2000.

Trillion Trees Logo

The project was founded by Rosanne and Thom Scott, and a team of young people who were the inspiration for the project in 2000. It was then established as a project of Perth City Farm under Trillion Trees Australia (formally known as Men of the Trees Inc.), it was called “Activate Tree Planting Events”. From 2014, under Avongro Inc., it became “Activate the Wheatbelt” (in order to focus on that particular region of WA), until it became an independent entity in 2021.

Perth City FarmIn 2022, Activate Tree Planting Limited planted a record of almost 200 000 trees over the course of three festivals, engaging with over 450 volunteers. We also inaugurated the Saplings, a youth division to mentor and encourage younger volunteers to run their own community tree-planting festivals.

Activate Tree Planting is on its trajectory of expanding beyond the Wheatbelt, to plant more than half-a million trees in the years to come, and build an even larger community of tree planters and earth warriors.

Meet the team making this vision a reality.

Activate relies on a core team of committed volunteers to put our events on. Without them our vision would not be possible.

Activate Team
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